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In this guide we will cover the following: 


  • Choosing a name - We can help you in choosing a suitable name for your business.

  • Identity - We will discuss what you want to be known for and what’s important to you as a business owner and how we can get that across to your clients. 

  • Logo - Design a suitable logo that clearly communicates what your business is about.

  • Website - We can help you create and launch your website.

  • Email address, email signature - create a professional email address and signature with your business logo.

  • Social Media - Create business social media accounts. Promote your services. Gain clients. 

  • Business cards - Design and create professional business cards.

  • Headed documents - Look more professional with headed documents.

  • Programmes/Apps - Make your life easier with certain programs and apps. 


Business Branding Guide

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