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Here at Joe Edwards Property, we're passionate about providing our clients with luxury living spaces, a guaranteed rent service for our landlords, and world-class education on the very same strategies we implement everyday.



Founder and Director

Based in Manchester

Background in Sports coaching and Media

Over 5 years experience in property sourcing and management.

Loves: Basketball, Golf and FOOD!

Hates: Losing! 

Slogan: Actually making a difference!



Based in Cornwall

Background in Hospitality & Admin

Over 10 years experience in serviced accommodation

Loves: working, spending time with my daughter and Chicken Tikka Pasta! 

Hates: Joe messing with my spreadsheets! 

Slogan: Big Dreams, Bigger Plans!


What do we do?

We are both hands on with the day to day running of the business including setting up, managing and marketing our own portfolio of properties as well as managing SAs for other landlords and investors. We also have a huge passion for helping people and have trained and mentored over 50 mentees just in the last 12 months who are seeing incredible success. We also run free zoom sessions twice a week to offer anyone that is new or looking at getting started in sourcing or rent to rent the opportunity to meet other people in the same position as them, ask us questions and hear other peoples stories.

Join our facebook group and our free weekly zooms  here:  RENT TO RENT & SOURCING NEWBIES FACEBOOK GROUP : 

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