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Spread the cost over 3 monthly payments! (Please note the price is 20% higher when paying in installments).


What’s included?


3 months 1-2-1 training and mentoring!


Onboarding Call so we can find out more about you and you can ask us questions.


Personal Development And Setting Goals!


Help With Setting Up Your Business And Becoming Compliant!


A-Z Of Deal Sourcing & Rent To Rent (We Cover SA and HMO)


Getting investors and joint ventures


Document Bundle, Including All The ROI Calculators And Contracts!


Fully flexible 1-2-1 support for 3 months.


And Much More!




OPTIONAL EXTRA: A Day Of Accompanied Viewings. - This will be an additional cost depending on your location.




How does it work?


All our training is delivered via zoom or in person if you’d like to travel to Manchester.


It’s all 1-2-1 so you get our full attention and support from day 1.


We will have a private group chat for you and us (Debbie & Joe) where we will answer any questions and organise your training sessions.


You will have access to our online workbooks and video tutorials we have recorded walking through every step of the training. We will also be available for 1-2-1 calls and zooms to answer any questions and offer more tailored support and training based on what you are working on and need help with. (These are uncapped, we always say it takes as long as it takes! Everyone learns at a different pace!)  


We will also have an in depth personal development zoom shortly after you sign up where we will look at what skills and experience you have and what you need to improve, as well as setting goals and starting to put together an action plan.


We will be available for ongoing support and guidance for 3 months.


We also have a mentee group chat, as well as regular informal group zoom meetings where you can all get together to share your challenges and successes and push each other to achieve your goals!

3 Months 1:1 R2R, HMO, SA & Deal Sourcing Mentorship

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£4,000.00 Regular Price
£3,000.00Sale Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
Pay over 3 Months
£1,200.00every month for 3 months
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