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Annual membership. (Get 12 months for the price of 10!)


Join our Networking group to get exclusive access to:

- Weekly zooms where you can;
   - Ask us Questions.
   - Take part in in-depth discussions on Sourcing, R2SA, and R2HMO.
   - Meet other like-minded entrepreneurs and build your network!
   - Learn from hearing other people's questions and stories.

Don't worry if you can't always make the zooms, we will record them for you to watch back so you don't miss out. 

- Exclusive Group Chat
   - Join our exclusive members' group chat to share your journey with the group and support and encourage each other.

- Challenges 
   - We will hold regular challenges where you can compete with the other members to win cash prizes.

- Member of the Month
   - There will be prizes each month for the member who makes the most effort and contribution to the group. 

12 Months Networking Membership

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